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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

A website without efficient SEO is essentially the same as purchasing a vehicle and not putting petrol in it. Without the right ‘fuel’ your website wont increase its ranking on search engines and would basically be parked. Essentially just for show rather than a method to attract customers.

Here at Grow Vida we use the latest technology in Yoast SEO to hep push your website that extra step and help you stand out. It’s very highly recommended to explore SEO as it really does make a big difference!


The best way to use your website to generate leads for you is by using the appropriate SEO to increase your rankings on search engines.



What improves my Google ranking?

There are several factors that come into play when improving your websites SEO, an example of this would be key words. By ensuring your website is written coherently and has targeted your specific market it will allow your website to be ranked higher on Google and essentially attract more customers to your site. 



SEO is not only about improving your position on organic ratings, it’s also vital that your business gets as many clicks as possible. By looking into the Click Through Rate (CTR) it allows this to be evaluated.