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About US

It all started with 4 kgs of prime cut meat.

Our Story

Philip Camilleri, whose experience in the food industry, both locally and on the Continent spans over 40 years, had one wish….to build a company able to produce a good quality home-made pie. Determined to make a go of it, not sure how to go about it but letting his experience guide him,  he pondered over the meat, decided on a plan of action and set to work. The resulting samples were so well received they set off a chain of events which saw his home kitchen being turned into a laboratory where he experimented with different ingredients to create a selection of traditional and innovative pies.

The initial results were very encouraging but it was getting more and more difficult taking care of cooking, packaging, labelling and selling while also sourcing the best ingredients. Moreover, working in a home kitchen had its limitations and was not conductive to good and efficient product turnout.

Seeing the demand for the pies increasing, his son joined him, taking on the preparatory work involved with the production. Still, the size of the kitchen was taking its toll on the nerves of both father and son as they frantically tried to avoid criss-crossing each other in the limited floor space. A decision was taken to convert a shed at the end of the garden into a well-planned and well-equipped kitchen. With the help of other family members, this was done in no time at all and appreciating the potential that the new environment would offer, his daughters and son-in-law were recruited to start production on other bakery products, most notably, desserts.

Appreciating the fact that most of their clients for pies were also potential clients for desserts, the team started working on their own recipes to create some of best favoured local desserts. Initially it was just Cakes &Gateaux but the demand kept increasing and in no time, other orders for Cheesecakes, Tarts & Pies, Tray bakes and individual desserts started rolling in.

Things moved smoothly for a while till once again, production could not cope with the demand.  Hence, another search was activated in order to find more suitable and, this time, more professional premises with more floor space for their now thriving business.

A unit at Southbourne Business Park offered all the possibilities for creating professional cooking, baking and preparatory work stations. It also offered enough space for the pastry division to have its own area and further space for expansion should the need arise. In three months, all the necessary equipment was installed and production started in earnest. A refrigerated van was acquired to ensure that the product reached the client in a perfect condition.

Camilleri Kitchen’s accomplishments are gauged by the year after year success of its pies at the Melton Mowbray Pie Competition, the butter sculptures and the chocolate masterpieces at the Salon Culinaire International des Londres.

Camilleri Kitchen enjoys the unique advantage of retaining family members, professionally trained in various catering establishments, ensuring that an outstanding and exceptional product and service are provided at all times.

At Camilleri Kitchen we don’t just bake….we turn baking into an art.